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Is Donald Trump an Abbot?

How timely is this?

Thomas Merton, October 20, 1962
“People demand that the government ‘interfere’ in nothing, just pour money into the armament industry and provide a strong police for ‘security,’ But stay out of everything else! No interference in medicine, mental health, education, etc., etc. Never was a country at once shrewder and less wise–shrewd in nonessentials and lunatic in essentials.
I have no doubt the world feels toward America the way many monks feel toward an abbot who wants to exercise total power, to receive unquestioning obedience on the basis of slogans about which he himself ceased thinking twenty-five years ago, and who above all else wants to be loved, so that he may never, at any time, to himself, seem to be exercising power, or loving it. Nobody denies him the power he has: few give him the love that he needs in order to be safe and content. And therefore he uses his power, from time to time, in unpredictable, arbitrary, and absurd ways in which he defends his own ends and makes everybody miserable.”

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Donald Trump Prayer Project 6.20.17

Creator of the World, help Mr. Trump find ways to listen to the tweets of real birds, beyond the interiors of buildings, endless meetings, and incessant voices. Amen

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Donald Trump Prayer Project

God of the Whirling Planets, grandiose gestures on the part of us humans must seem pretty silly sometimes. Be with President Trump so that his decisions reflect the grandeur of your universe. Amen  5.22.17

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Donald Trump Prayer Project 5.8.17

Holy God, you have said that we shall have no other gods before us. Are you talking about the gods that all people worship, no matter what name they use for you? Gods such as power, greed, control? Help Mr. Trump remember that you call us to serve only you. Amen 5.8.17

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Donald Trump Prayer Project 4.25.17

God of Wisdom, give Mr. Trump true wisdom—not immediate quips; sound judgment—not sound bytes; and deep substance—not shallow reactions. Amen                                              4.25.17

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Donald Trump Prayer Project 4.16.17

God of the Universe, our world is filled with people who call you by different names, who worship you in various ways, and who seek to follow you within their own culture and way of understanding. Help Mr. Trump embrace the beautiful diversity of our globe’s religious life. Amen                           4.16.17

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Donald Trump Prayer Project 4.10.17

God of Swords Turned into Plowshares, implant in Mr. Trump a yearning for peace and not conflict in the world. Infuse his spirit with a passion for peace beyond our understanding. Amen       4.10.17

Background of the Project: As I was thinking about the massive changes occurring in our country with even more to come, I thought about what I could do. I’ve received notices about getting involved with various organizations that will work for certain issues that might be negatively affected with the new administration. I’ve thought about trying to ignore all the news about Donald Trump but that’s rather hard to do. Then the amazing holy light bulb went off. I could pray for Mr. Trump and I could invite others to pray for him also. The prayers would not be about specific pet projects or agendas facing our nation or groups of people I care about. They would not be about particular legislation. The prayers would be about the man, lifted up to God, and trusted into God’s wisdom and grace. If I truly believe in the gospel news, then prayer is where we each should start…not as a last resort but as a first.

I’ll post a prayer several times a week at first. I invite you to join in this prayer vigil for Mr. Trump. Please add your own prayers. They do not have to be long or even especially well written. They just have to be honest.