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The Donald Trump Prayer Project

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Background of the Project: As I was thinking about the massive changes occurring in our country with even more to come, I thought about what I could do. I’ve received notices about getting involved with various organizations that will work for certain issues that might be negatively affected with the new administration. I’ve thought about trying to ignore all the news about Donald Trump but that’s rather hard to do. Then the amazing holy light bulb went off. I could pray for Mr. Trump and I could invite others to pray for him also. The prayers would not be about specific pet projects or agendas facing our nation or groups of people I care about. They would not be about particular legislation. The prayers would be about the man, lifted up to God, and trusted into God’s wisdom and grace. If I truly believe in the gospel news, then prayer is where we each should start…not as a last resort but as a first.

I’ll post a prayer several times a week at first. I invite you to join in this prayer vigil for Mr. Trump. Please add your own prayers. They do not have to be long or even especially well written. They just have to be honest.

God of New Beginnings, Mr. Trump has broken the mold of what and how a president of the United States can and should be. Guide his redesign so it aligns with your will. Amen     1.13.17

Jesus, you came to the world to save it. You came without sword and without power as the world defines it. Whisper in Mr. Trump’s heart your words for being a true change agent in this world. Amen 1.15.17

Wondrous God, you set the planets in motion and you gave the horse its mane. Your ways are beyond our understanding. Nevertheless, push Mr. Trump to seek your will in the midst of a cacophony of opinions and agendas. Amen      1.18.17

God of Grace and Truth, Mr. Trump is the president of a country that affects the entire globe because of its actions or inactions. Give him insight for your truth rather than the “truth” of special interests. Amen 1.21.17

Holy God, the psalmist says, “Do not put your trust in princes, in mortals, in whom there is no help. When their breath departs, they return to the earth; on that very day their plans perish” (Psalm 146:3-4). And yet, O God, we have a new president, Mr. Trump, who promises to make America great again. Be with him as he leads this country. Amen                    1.24.17

God of Glory, King of Kings, the psalmist sings that you set the prisoners free, open the eyes of the blind, lift up those who are bowed down, love the righteous, watch over strangers, and uphold the orphan and the widow. You execute justice for the oppressed and give food to the hungry (Psalm 146:7-9). Help Mr. Trump align his leadership skills with the actions you value. Amen                       1.28.17

Dearest Lord, you know that leading people is not easy. Give Mr. Trump the strength he needs to lead rather than manage, to guide rather than goad, and to seek your will rather than push personal agendas. Amen        2.1.17

Wondrous God, it is so easy for humans to try to usurp your place as center of the universe. Help Mr. Trump to be aware of this temptation. Give him strength and wisdom to realize this. Amen     2.7.17

“Red and yellow, black and white, all are precious in his sight” says the song some children learned in Sunday School. Teach this song to Mr. Trump so he sings it in his soul and lives it in his decisions. Amen  2.11.17




Author: bethltempleton

Beth is founder and CEO of Our Eyes Were Opened, an organization that teaches people about poverty so that they may reach out with wisdom and compassion.

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