Our Eyes Were Opened

Prayer for September 4

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God of Mercy,

When I complain about people tracking dirt into my house, help me be grateful that I have a house.

When i get stuck in traffic, help me use the time to meditate with you about the good things in my life.

When people disappoint me, help me see their own disappointments in life and be gracious.

When someone tries to make me do something, give me insight into my proper response for that particular situation.

When I want an item, help me wait to allow the desire to lessen if that is what needs to be.

When I am confused, give me people to help me sort out my confusion.

Most Merciful God, you are as close as my own breath and as vast as the universe and beyond. Keep me on track as I strive to live the life you’re creating in me. Amen

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Author: bethltempleton

Beth is founder and CEO of Our Eyes Were Opened, an organization that teaches people about poverty so that they may reach out with wisdom and compassion.

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